Your friends will let you down. They will hurt you, tell a secret of yours, or go after a boy you like (well, no… the last one is unacceptable. At least for me)…. 

No friend is perfect (what do u think? We’re just human beings)

 But, a good friendship is worth working for. Repeat: WORTH WORKING FOR.

 It will require an investment of your time and patience. It will be messy, difficult, fun, and everything in between. Fight for your friendships. Work through hard stuff, so that you can continue to grow together.

 Pray for understanding. Friendship will cost you something, but you will be abundantly blessed by a strong and healthy friendship. So, don’t give up on people too quickly. Put in the time and energy to make your friendships great. And if don’t, just pass and go away. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Sometimes, you must accept that some people will never fit on your life. Just like that. 

4 thoughts on “#Friendship

      1. Haha,, Kok mbak Ais gituuh,,,, Aku kan Fans garis kerasnya Mbak,, malah dituduh yang bukan2… ah,, Mbak Emang udah berubah,, engkau bukan yang duluuu lagi,,,,,, *nyanyik*

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